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World Cafe Live / Philadelphia, PA / Saturday, March 25, 2006:
"Post-SXSW Bash"

The PictureThis was my first time to see NYC-based The Picture live. I had a chance to meet the band backstage, and along with their good tunes, the members were very nice as well. On stage I see genuine sincerity in the band. The lyrics are well written and the musical parts are constructed well, with each band member knowing their roles. They have that indie/alternative/emo quality to them which makes it easy to see similarities between them and bands like Death Cab For Cutie, The Shins, and Doves.
London's Lowdown: I don't think I'd hoof it NYC, but I'd check them out again if they played Philly again.

Harlem ShakesMy old band, Stater Culture, actually played with NYC-based The Harlem Shakes back in the day at the old Don Hill's in NYC. The music is put together really well, but I'm not sure about the lyrics/vocals as I couldn't understand a word (due to the sound system or the singing, I don't know). I do know that they had about 25 screaming fans in the audience singing along to their more well known garage-rock tunes. Not bad for a band not from Philly. 99% of bands out there would be very thankful to have such a turnout and dedicated fans away from home.
London's Lowdown: Good band, just not my thing.

The SunThe Sun (Warner Bros. Records) closed out the evening and certainly brought, well, something. I remember seeing them play the Khyber, opening for the Datsun's (remember "LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER FROM HELL!"). This time around, they brought a very indie sound. Nice arrangements and vocal harmonies and use of synths. The crowd was diggin them for sure. I thought they were just OK.
London's Lowdown: If they came and set up their equipment at my apartment, I'd turn down the radio and give them a listen again, but maybe I'd watch their scandalous video while they played: Romantic Death. Do you feel randy, baby?

--Danny London

Photos courtesy of Darren O'Toole
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