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Khyber / Philadelphia, PA / Saturday, December 27, 2005

VegaThis was my first time to see Richmond-based Vega live, and it was a pleasant surprise. Their music is a diverse mix of sounds that resemble Radiohead, Oasis, The Verve, and other Brit pop icons with a "propensity for crashing, abrasive guitars and melodically-spaced sound-scapes." On their Myspace site, they have 4 tracks available and all are very good. I think the band needs to work on their live show a bit, but the music is developing nicely.
London's Lowdown: I wouldn't get crazy and road trip it to Richmond, but I'd check them out again.

OuternationalI actually listened/watched NYC-based Outernational for the most part from the bar area of the Khyber. This jam band seemed pretty good at what they did. Jam bands are not my thing, but their fans who came out to support them reacted pretty well. The band mixes jam music, hip-hop, hard-rock, and world music, mixing politics and dance music. Hit them up next time they are in town if this is your thing.
London's Lowdown: Not my thing, I wouldn't go out to see them again.

East HundredThis was my first time to see Philly's own East Hundred live, and I would describe what they are doing as Portishead meets Evanescence with a pop undertone. They had the biggest crowd of the night, and I see a lot of potential in this band. It is certainly exciting to discover new bands in their youth and watch them grow. While I think they still need to develop and grow a ways, I think that they have a direction and can pull out some interesting things. I would like to see a little bit more interaction from the band with the crowd, though, especially from Beryl (singer). With some more time fronting this band, she will get more comfortable with herself on stage, not be afraid to strike a pose during some of the instrumental parts, gaze out into the crowd, own the stage, and earn a lot of fans.
London's Lowdown: I'd see them again in a few months.

IllinoisI saw Illinois about a year ago and really did not rate them. After a few friends kept telling me of their improvement I went down to see them again. I am glad I did. With their blend of rock, roots-rock, rock-a-billy, alt/indie, and country, this alt-country-indie band delivered. Their songs are different yet very accessible, and their prescence on stage is top notch as well. Hopefully they keep delivering performances like that in the future. Definitly moved up to one of my top bands in the area.
London's Lowdown: I'd see them again whenever.

--Danny London
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