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US Royalty U.S. Royalty are the newest sonic ambassadors to emerge from the storied streets of Washington, D.C. The band was born in late 2007, birthed from the lifelong musical collaboration of brothers John and Paul Thronley. John, vocals and piano, and Paul, guitar, were raised in a marvelously musical family environment in a house stacked to the rafters with available instruments, inspirational record collections, and often rocking all night as a result of cross-generational jam sessions.

After playing together under various monikers since their elementary school days the brothers connected with drummer Luke Adams while all three were sequestered in Indiana as students at Grace College. They bonded over their shared love of legitimately well crafted songs. They championed everything from Oasis to David Bowie to Sam Cooke along with celebrating the classic standards of the 1940s, the automatic touchstones of the 1970s such as Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac, and the au courant vibrations of still viable acts like Sun Kil Moon and Rufus Wainwright.

The trio banged around the heartland, polishing and experimenting, making the best of their less than sustentative geographical location. Eventually drifting back east to the District they plugged into the emerging scene of cross-pollinating bands, artists, fashion designers, and DJs recently responsible for the creative resurgence of D.C. nightlife and youth culture. Through warehouse parties and happenings at postage-stamp size venues such as DC9 and La Casa they soon encountered D.C. indie rock journeyman bass player Jacob Michael. After fluid conversation and mutual sensations of good vibrations the foursome was complete. U.S. Royalty became reality.

The winter months that followed were spent shivering around a single heater after ensconcing themselves in an abandoned trailer in rural Maryland. There they crafted their initial set of songs, honing in on a sound assuredly contemporary but deeply steeped in the resonant resonance of the most powerful and enduring sounds of the twentieth century. After just a handful of transcendent live shows their accession to the throne of the D.C. scene was confirmed.

U.S Royalty is poised to crusade forth from the Capital City with their pending three song EP, recorded at legendary Inner Ear Studios. Extending the range of their reign beyond the furthest horizons is just around the corner for the merrymaking noblemen ruling through righteous sound. The coronation is coming! All hail!

US Royalty
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