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Philly Band Prophile: ASTEROID #4

Tabloid Society The Asteroid #4 are from Philadelphia and began in the late 1990's with a series of singles, compilations and a debut full length dubbed, "Introducing the Asteroid No.4" (Lounge). The album was compared to all things psychedelic from Pink Floyd to early Verve.

In 2000, the band began experimenting with a stripped-down aesthetic and explored abandoning what is best associated with their sound, effected guitars. Looking to the mid-60's folkrock and British Invasion artists for inspiration, they began writing the songs that would become the "Apple Street" EP (AIP).

Following a tour with fellow Philadelphians, the Lilys, they enlisted the greatest retro-revivalist in the land. Lily's front-man, Kurt Healsey, produced the EP and it's corresponding full length, "King Richard's Collectibles," for the then recently signed to Rainbow Quartz label from New York.

After several national outings between '02 and '04, which included tours with the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dead Meadow, and the Sights, the A4 yearned to continue their quest towards the roots of what influences the music they love, psychedelic rock. They went on to release the late 60's-early 70's country/blues tinged "Honeyspot" on Turquoise Mountain, an imprint specifically created by Raibow Quartz's Jim McGary as a home to the band's rootsy, Gram Parsons (Cosmic American Music) obsessed excursion.

Their newest record, "An Amazing Dream," again backed by RQTZ, was released at the end of 2006. It's said to evoke all of the group's previous recordings, specifically the psychedelic and spacerock ambitions they are best known for. This is number 4 for the number 4 and again, a new course. Only this time it's slightly more familiar.

Asteroid #4
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