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Featured Band: Cordalene

Cordalene Cordalene is razor sharp cotton candy - "...raw, yet infectious lo-fi rock n' roll with punk energy, pop hooks, and garage attitude" (Kings of A&R). Hailing from Philadelphia, Cordalene has amassed a large following in their hometown and beyond, sharing the stage with the likes of Weezer, Phantom Planet, My Morning Jacket, Ben Lee, Dashboard Confessional, Rooney, and The Comas. Cordalene’s edgy rock sound feels right at home on college radio, a dance club, or your car stereo.

Cordalene was founded in early 2000 by Jamie Olson (guitar, vocals) as an indie-rock/alterna-country outfit, and recorded their first album in 2001. After a massive reorganization, Mike Kiley (lead vocals, guitar) joined Cordalene in 2002, and drummer Joe Boyle joined shortly thereafter. Jeff Anderson is the most recent addition, further focusing the bands sound. In late 2005, Cordalene paired up with producer Brian McTear (Burning Brides, Matt Pond PA, Capitol Years, Hail Social) to create The Star Ledger.

Cordalene's music successfully reflects the varied backgrounds and diversity of its members. The band wields a sound with, "...depth and thoughtful honesty, with…music behind the lyrics [that] rocks hard enough to give songs that would otherwise sound like ballads some real head-nod appeal."

According to Cordalene’s Mike Kiley (vocals), The Star Ledger could chronicle the events of a single day. But the album is also about developing love and the time-narrative of past, present, and future in the context of a new relationship. “The record is about when I moved to Philadelphia, and fell in love. It was an incredible time, one where I was discovering a new city, a new, real true love, and a new me."

Before signing with Dalloway Records in 2006, Cordalene self-released two EPs including the Blue EP, which charted at number 30 on CMJ and number 15 on specialty radio and contained the track "Imaginary," which appeared on the Warped Tour 2003 compilation (Side One Dummy Records).

Cordalene's The Star Ledger was just released on Dalloway Records in June 2006.
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