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Philly Band Prophile - Illinois

Illinois "The name Illinois came from my great grandfather from Germany, Ilinoi Archibald. His story is long...a bronze medal olympian, cole miner, husband and father, b movie actor, neurotic folk singer, but most importantly...a normal guy. He never let us forget that. We're all fragile. So, this whole project is dedicated to Ilinoi Archibald for his glowing passion for music and his patience with it. For never giving in against the latest fads or surrendering his imagination's electricity. For teaching us to stick to our guns. All thanks goes to him for choosing writing over sleeping and singing over eating. Your throat must've been so dry...your mind so you sir hip, hip...hooray.

Wishing you all the best in the world,

Illinois Illinois shakes up a unique mix of rock, roots-rock, rock-a-billy, alt/indie, and country. In swaggers a banjo and a microphone fashioned out of a beat up telephone receiver, and you're served a potent concoction that will knock the biggest of indie drinkers on their arse.

--Danny London
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