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Philly Band Prophile - Mazarin

Mazarin Having finally resurfaced after nearly two and a half years, Mazarin's We're Already There is an egg, born of the perfect union between gilded pop and soaring psych. Reinventing the boundaries between a kraut challenge and warm pop, Mazarin explores the neglected earthly themes of oblivion, apathy, love, and obscurity.

First pieced together and finally recorded in Philadelphia at both Brain McTear’s Miner Streetcyclesound and Quentin’s Blair Studios, We're Already There was a project nearly two and a half years in the making. Primary players include Quentin Stoltzfus, Sean Byrne (who has played drums on all three Mazarin records), Brain McTear for additional instrumentation and production, and Mike Walker on bass, as well as special appearances by Kurt Heasley (Lilys), Don Devore (Icarus Line), and Walt Martin (The Walkmen).

Mazarin’s current line up includes, Quentin Stoltzfus on guitar and vocals, Mickey Walker on bass, and brothers Ryan and Paul Cobb (Mad Action) on rhythm guitar and drums.
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