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Feature: The Philebrity Beach Party - 6/17/06

The Philebrity Beach Party was a gorgeous day of music and imbibement. Headlining the day of music were the Lilys along with The Situation.

The event was held in a corner lot of northern liberties where all the Philly Indie finest (thanks DJ) gathered on a beautiful sunny day. A few bands played beforehand, but the main events started with the Situation, playing a great set of old and new material took the stage. Do yourself a favor and pick up their new CD.

The Lilys took the stage to wrap up the day and about 100 people gathered to watch their set. The Lilys have been at it (albeit, with different lineups) since the early 90s, and blended their indie stylings with a pop flavor that got the crowd moving. I thought it was just ehh, ok.

Overall it was a great event put on by the people at Philebrity. Hopefully more things like this will happen in this city. Maybe I'll get my lazy arse in gear and do something.

--Danny London
--Photos courtesy of Darren James
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